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Zillow Special Offer Option

Zillow Special Offers are a great way to drive massive exposure to specific listings.

Listings with Zillow Special Offers appear at the top of search results, and receive special treatment to capture the attention of home buyers. 


Special Offers FAQ for Agents

What is a Zillow Special Offer?
A Zillow Special Offer is a promotional feature that allows agents to add an offer to a listing. This is an additional way to market a home and bring visibility to it. A Zillow Special Offer is funded by the seller. A listing with a Zillow Special Offer receives additional exposure throughout Zillow and appears at the top of search results. A special visual designation is added to the listing to attract more buyers on both Zillow.com and Zillow mobile applications. 

Who pays for it -- the seller, or the agent?
The seller pays for the Zillow Special Offer. The buyer must ensure that the Zillow Special Offer is included in the Purchase and Sale agreement when the home is sold.

Why add a Zillow Special Offer?
A listing agent and home seller can include a Zillow Special Offer on a home to bring added visibility to a listing. Some reasons include: 

  • The seller wants to give the new listing an added “splash” when it first becomes available.
  • The home has been listed for a while and the seller is looking for a way to bring new life to the listing.
  • The seller is buying a home contingent on selling his/her current one, and wants to sell quickly.
Why not just cut the price?
In many markets, price cuts are not enough to make a house stand out. A Zillow Special Offer brings added visibility to a listing because it is highly noticeable. Listings with Zillow Special Offers often receive 5-10 times the page views compared to regular listings.

Where do Zillow Special Offers appear?
When a buyer searches for homes in an area, Zillow Special Offers are sorted to the top of the search results list. On the search page map, they also get a special design graphic so they stand out. Special Offers are also visible on every home details page, both on the Zillow website and across Zillow’s popular mobile apps including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

What is a typical Special Offer?
The Special Offer is a credit towards closing costs provided by the seller. In general, higher Special Offer amounts result in more buyers viewing the listing. Note: Zillow Special Offers must meet a minimum dollar amount. 

What are other advantages of a Zillow Special Offer?
It can give a buyer more means to improve or furnish their home after the sale. Getting a loan can often require a sizable down payment, and after closing costs, the buyer may be left with little cash left over to buy items for the house.

Here’s an example:

A buyer has saved $45,000 in cash. He wants to buy a $200,000 home, and needs $40,000 for a down payment (20%) and $5,000 for closing costs. If the home’s price was cut by $5,000 to $195,000, he still needs to pay $44,000 to cover the reduced $39,000 down payment and $5,000 in closing costs. He would be left with only $1,000 to spend on the home.

However, if he buys a home with a $5,000 Special Offer that covers all of the closing costs, he would only need to cover the $40,000 down payment, and he would have $5,000 left to spend on the home after the sale is complete.

What if someone finds the home through a Zillow Special Offer and then negotiates a lower sale price?
When you place a Special Offer on a home, you agree to include this offer as part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, if you sell this house to a customer who contacts you about the home through Zillow. If the buyer and seller explicitly agree to remove or replace the offer in the negotiation process, then that agreement should be documented in the Purchase and Sale Agreement instead.

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