F A Q's

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that I have put together to help you in selling a home. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

Flat Fee Clients

How do I cancel my MLS listing?
How do I change the status of my MLS listing after I accept an offer?
How do I load photos to my By Owner Oregon webpage?
How do I make a change to my MLS listing?
How do I post an "Open House" on the MLS and other real estate websites?
How soon do I have to process the "Status Update Request" form after I have accepted an offer?
I have a For Sale By Owner ad on Zillow.com, will my Zillow page continue to display if I list my home on the MLS?
I have accepted an offer now what?
I see that you have a link to open escrow with Lawyers Title. Do I have to use Lawyers Title as my escrow company.
If I find that I need help after I accept an offer do you have a service option I can purchase to have a real estate broker represent me?
Is there support available to me after I accept an offer?
What is the name of the Real Estate Company that will be listing my home on the MLS?


After I order a Flat Fee MLS package, how long does it take for my listing to be input into the MLS?
Can I cancel my listing at any time?
Do I have to pay a commission to an agent that brings the buyer?
Do you assist me when I receive an offer on my property?
How can you provide this flat fee listing service so inexpensively?
How do I make changes to my listing?
I am selling my home in Portland. Do I have to get a home energy report with a Home Energy Score?
If a buyer calls you about our property what do you do?
If I find a buyer with no agent, do I still pay a commission?
Is your flat fee listing fee refundable?
Must I have a lockbox?
What is a Transaction Brokerage?
What is the difference between my local MLS and Realtor.com?
What is the MLS?
What Showing Feedback Questions Do Real Estate Pros Always Ask?
When a Seller purchases a Flat Fee MLS listing and the listing is posted on in the MLS database is the listing still considered "For Sale By Owner"?
Why should I list my property with you instead of some other Flat Fee company?
Why would I want my property listed in the MLS?
Will my contact information be displayed?
Will my property be listed on the internet?
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