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Real Estate Listing & Transaction Process

Step 1 » MLS Listing Forms - Complete the MLS listing forms for your area so ByOwnerOregon.com can input the listing into the MLS.
Step 2 » Proofread Listing Sheet - A copy of the Listing Sheet will be e-mailed to you to proofread. Complete this form to make corrections.
Step 3 » Complete Sellers Disclosures - You will be asked for the disclosures after you accept an offer.
Step 4 » Manage MLS Listing - Process change requests, schedule open houses, etc.
Step 5 » Manage ByOwner Webpage
Step 6 » Access Real Estate Tools - Create Flyer, Post Craigslist Ad, Request Home Book etc.
Step 7 » Access Real Estate Contracts & Forms - Sales Agreements, Counter Offers & Addenda.
Step 8  Support Team & Resources - We've put together a team of professionals willing to help you. 
Step 9 » Update Status of MLS Listing - Change your listing status to PENDING after you have accepted an offer.
Step 10 » Send Executed Sales Agreement to ByOwnerOregon.com - Fax Number 1-800-496-5759
Step 11 » Open Escrow - Process this form to open escrow after you have accepted an offer.
Step 12 » Update Status of MLS Listing after Closing - Change your listing status to SOLD after your transaction closes and records 
Step 13 » Congratulations! Your listing has sold... Thank you for using ByOwnerOregon.com! 


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