Real Estate Transaction Assistance Options

We offer two options for real estate transaction assistance. The first is our full transaction assistance service, where we handle everything from writing up all required real estate documents to managing the transaction through to closing escrow. This option is best suited for clients who prefer a hands-off approach and want a professional to handle all the details.

The second option is a more limited service where we only write up the sales agreement, and the clients take it from there. This option is ideal for clients who prefer to take a more active role in the process and have the time and expertise to handle the rest of the transaction.

Whichever option you choose, our team of real estate professionals is here to help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Transaction Assistance Service

Licensed Real Estate Broker role:

Are you selling your home and have found a buyer but would like a professional Realtor to handle the transaction? We will prepare all the required paperwork and manage the real estate transaction to help you successfully sell your home. We will do all this for a flat fee and a fraction of what most traditional agents charge.

  • Professional Real Estate Transaction Management
  • All Real Estate Forms Signed Electronically through DocuSign
  • Write and/or review offers
  • Professional Real Estate Negotiations
  • Open and Manage Escrow
  • Assistance with all Required Real Estate Disclosures
  • Coordinate Home Inspections
  • Negotiate and Prepare Response to Home Inspection
  • Write and/or review all Addendum
  • Communicate with the Buyers Lender
  • Coordinate Home Appraisal
  • Communicate with Escrow Officer
  • Review the Preliminary Title Report
  • Prepare for Closing

Transactional Brokerage: This is when you have a buyer and seller who need guidance through the transaction. In a Transactional Brokerage relationship, the principal broker of a brokerage, and an affiliated licensee(s), if so designated by the principal broker, provide real estate brokerage services to either or both parties to a transaction. They owe the parties only the duties of good faith and fair dealing and do not relay confidential information between the parties unless so directed by the sending party.

Sales Agreement Only

Licensed Real Estate Broker role:

If you have found a buyer and want us to write the sales agreement using the OREF real estate forms and get the document signed electronically through DocuSign; this is the option for you.

  • Write up initial sales agreement using OREF forms
  • Send the draft agreement for the parties to review and approve
  • Email documents through DocuSign to execute the sales contract
Sales Agreement Only: This option is limited to writing up the real estate purchase and sale contract using the OREF forms and using DocuSign to gather signatures to execute the contract. Any revisions requested after the execution of the agreement would result in an additional charge.

The transaction fee is good for one (1) transaction only. An additional transaction fee or an upgrade to one of our Discount Full-Service listing options is available instead of an additional transaction fee if more than one transaction is required.

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