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10 things buyers need to consider when purchasing a home and what is involved during the home buying process.
Find out the 8 most important ways to protect yourself while buying a home from bad mortgages, high interest rates and other buyer traps.
Learn what it takes to buy a home in a high-end market. This includes information on financing, obtaining deals and more.
While the thought of paying a mortgage is more enticing than paying rent, it's important to understand all the costs involved in buying and owning a home as you determine whether you can afford to make that next step in your buying decision.
If you don't see past the hideous wallpaper, funky light fixtures, and avocado green carpeting, you may miss out on a home with great potential.
Find out what may be best for you in regards to down payment. How much should you put down? What is better? More or less? These answers and more are included here.
Perhaps you're wondering how to work directly with an owner in purchasing a home. Here's how the process works.
If you have purchased a home or are considering buying a home, then youíve probably heard about home inspections. So what exactly is a home inspection, when does a home inspection occur, how much does it cost, how can the information uncovered by an inspection be used, and how can you find an inspector?
The term condominium, condo for short, is a commonly misunderstood word. A condo describes a method of owning real estate, not a particular style of building. A single condo is one housing unit within a larger complex of units, and a condominium complex is used to describe the collection of all units within the same development. The type of unit could be an apartment, a townhouse (which is sometimes referred to as a row house), a detached home, or any other multi-unit property.
When you start the process of buying a home or any other real estate, you will probably hear the term Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), which is also known as a Good-faith Deposit (GFD). So what exactly is an EMD and how does it work in a real estate transaction?
This page is designed to give homebuyers a general idea of the steps involved in buying a home in Oregon. While the statements below usually apply, there are circumstances in which these statements are not relevant or parties have reach an agreement that does not include one or more of the steps below.
If you have bought a home in the past, or are considering buying a home, condo or townhouse, then you have probably heard the term Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI.
Short Answer: Represent the interests of the home buyer to help them get the right home for the right price.
If you are considering buying a home, condo or townhouse, then you should know about home warranty plans.
When you sign a contract to purchase a home, it usually takes between 30-60 to complete the transaction. During this time, usually referred to as the escrow or closing period, many activities occur to secure a loan and to transfer the property from the seller to the buyer.
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