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Property owners advertising on are under contract for the sale of their property. Intentional solicitation of property owners advertising on for the purpose of marketing and or obtaining a listing is prohibited and may be subject to legal action, professional and or ethical violations, and any violation thereof will be pursued accordingly.

The property owners Listing Service Advertising Agreement with Home Max, LLC. does not nor will not warrant commissions offered, advertised or intended to be paid to a cooperating agent. Home Max, LLC. recommends each agent/broker secure any compensation or commission agreement in writing with the homeowner/seller prior to consummating an offer to purchase.

Some of the sellers on choose to represent themselves and others are being represented. Prior to negotiating an offer or submitting an offer it is the showing/selling agents responsibility to determine if the seller is being represented. This can be accomplished by asking the seller if they are being represented by either legal counsel or represented by a real estate agent/Broker or by reviewing the MLS Listing for details.

Nevertheless, all showing/selling agents are expected to deal with sellers professionally, honestly and fairly. As a Realtor® you are expected and will further be held to the high standard of ethics imposed by the National Association of Realtors®.

Realtors®, below is an article published by the National Association of Realtors® dealing with ANTITRUST and VIOLATIONS. Please feel free to circulate this article.

Dealing with Unprofessional Real Estate Agents

As in any profession, be it doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., there are professionals and there are unprofessionals. The same holds true for the real estate industry! It is unfortunate that some Realtors® prey on individuals who wish to sell their property 'by owner'. The fact is that the average homeowner has better knowledge and equal or better resources to sell their own property. This threatens some real estate agents and the only tool that remains for the unprofessional agent is to intimidate the home seller.

This is done in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest NOT to deal with this type of agent. Real Estate agents are bound to a code of ethics and professional standards of practice. Any real estate agent that deceives, misrepresents, falsely disparages a competitor, or suggests a conspiracy will not work in your best interest and is most likely violating their professional standards and or code of ethics.

Examples of Violation of Code of Ethics, Professional Standards, or State Statutes Agents Intimidating Based on Commissions Offered

Check mark for portland real estate "Before you decide to list with XYZ Realty you should know that because they are 'discount' brokers, members of the association won't show their listings."

 "This is the rate every firm charges."

 "I'd like to lower the commission, but no one else in the MLS will show your house unless the commission is X%."

 "I have to charge you this rate because this is the rate the Board of Realtors® set for all real estate agents."

 "No one will show your home if you offer commissions less than X%."

Agents Intimidating or Misleading Based on Services Offered or a Promise Unable to Withhold

 "If you listed with me I could get you more money and cover my commissions."

 "If you had listed with me, I would have it sold by now."

 "You will never sell your home yourself."

 "You need a real company to sell your home."

 "Our office does not show XYZ Realty's homes."

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