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Do Flat Fee MLS Listings Really Work?

Exposure on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is essential!

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is an online cooperative marketing system that allows agents/brokers to instantly share information about real estate for sale in their local area. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, over 85% of home buyers search online, and for them, the MLS is a GOLD MINE of information. In fact, MLS exposure is said to be responsible for 85% to 90% of all homes sold in the US.

If buyers search where your listing is not, you don't stand a chance!

There are eight individual MLS’s across the state of Oregon; some are large and regional representing several counties while some are smaller and represent one county. They are all separate from each other, so, a Realtor who looks on his local MLS in Bend, Oregon can not see the listings in the Portland or Salem areas. The same holds true for potential homebuyers. If they are searching where your listing is not, you don't stand a chance! 

Avoid having your listing farmed-out!

Only a licensed Real Estate Broker who is a member in good standing with the local MLS in the area where your property is located is able to list your property with that MLS. The Broker is responsible for the accuracy of your listing and must keep it current to avoid fines and other penalties being imposed by the MLS. When signing up with ByOwnerOregon.com, you are automatically listing your home with our "sister company" (Realty Net, LLC) which is the only Broker that is a member in good standing of all Multiple Listing Services statewide.

It is common practice for Flat-Fee companies to sign you up, take a percentage off the top and farm your listing out to others to deal with. Most often the information provided by you is simply printed out and faxed to third parties in a distant city to translate as best they can and enter it into the local MLS database. We think it is safe to say that, unfortunately, things do get lost in translation and that's where most headaches begin. 

At ByOwnerOregon.com your listing never gets farmed-out, so nothing gets lost in translation. Property information is entered one time only--by you--into our highly integrated workflow system where data and photos are automatically and seamlessly passed downstream to Realty-Net and Multiple Listing Service computers. Real-time management information is immediately available to all parties-including you. 

Experience Does Matter!

ByOwnerOregon.com sets the bar for other companies who advertise flat fee MLS listings. Our comprehensive listing services have been carefully refined as the result of invaluable feedback provided by the thousands upon thousands of clients, and our internet-based technology has clearly stood the test of time. We always strive to be completely transparent in our dealings with others and are advocates of a NO HASSLE, NO HUSTLE and NO HIDDEN FEE policy.



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